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1)- My school name is sun light public school, kanpur .

2)- My school is very near to my home.

3)- I go to my school with my elder sister and other friends.

4)- My school has a beautiful single storey building.

5)- There are 8 rooms in our school.

6)- I like my class teacher and my class friends.

7)- All of our teachers follow strict discipline.

8)- My school has a big playground for students.

9)- I have very good friends at my school.

10)- Our teachers teach us with great care and kindness.

11)- The principal of my school is very smart and kind.

12)- They teach us very kindly.

13)- All the rooms of my school are very wide and beautiful.

14)- I have very good friends at my school.

15)- My school has a big science lab, computer lab, and books library for students


1)- India is a beautiful country.

2)- India is a secular democracy.

3)- The Ganges is the sacred Hindu river, which is so sacred that it is believed to wash the sins of people away.

4)- India has astounding features with the Himalayas on the Northern Border and Ganges flowing in the country.

5)- The national flag of India is the tri-colored ‘Tiranga.

6)- The national currency of India is the Indian National Rupee.

7)- New Delhi is the national capital of India.

8)- The first President of India was Dr. Rajendra Prasad by the constituent assembly.

9)- The national emblem of India is the State Emblem of India called the ‘Lion Capital of Ashoka’ .

10)- The national tree of India is the Banyan tree.

11)- The national fruit of India is mango.

12)- The languages of India are Hindi and English.

13)- This means that all religions are equally respected, and every person is free to follow any religion they want. India is the largest democracy in the world.

14)- India is the second most populated country in India after China.

15)- The highest civilian award in India is the Bharat Ratna.


1)- My Teacher’s name is Navin Gupta.

2)- He is teaching Math.

3)- His method of teaching is very interesting and impressive.

4)- He like discipline and well-disciplined students.

5)- He loves all her students as his own children.

6)- He has many good habits.

7)- He is strict but funny.

8)- I love my teacher and always pray for his long life.

9)- He also tells us jokes and stories.

10)- He believes in simple living and high thinking.

11)- Her dress is spotlessly clean.

12)- Her clothes are neither expensive nor fashionable.

13)- He never prematurely falls in love with his class.

14)- He is also a good player of cricket.

15)- He is also a good speaker.

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